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How to Fix Taskbar Missing Icons in Windows 10 | Tips & Tricks | Latest Technology News

The 10 is a feature that has been given a lot of attention. Unfortunately, once in a while, it’s possible to run into a problem with your , like it won’t hide having . Considering that the Start menu is sometimes said to be everything in 10, it poses a big challenge to users when it stops working all of a sudden.

While there may be a few reasons for this, before going into a full-blown panic, here are some fixes you can try to resolve the taskbar missing icons issue.

The first step is to open the command prompt with administrative privileges.

To open the command prompt, on the keyboard press Win + X.

Next, click Command Prompt (Admin).


When the command prompt displays, run the following code:

by typing or pasting it on your prompt and clicking Enter. The processes may take a while, but wait patiently for it to be completed. At the end of the process the prompt will display a message saying the process was completed successfully.


Utilities like taskbar do not allow an uninstalling option directly from their Properties. In this case uninstall such applications with a PowerShell cmdlet.

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1. Type “PowerShell” in the dialogue box of your Start menu. Next, right-click on PowerShell, and select the “Run as Administrator” option.


2. Copy and paste or type the following command in your shell and click Enter:

3. Finally, when the process is complete, restart your computer, and see if the problem is fixed.

Windows updates target bug fixes in Windows OS. A solution is to check for the latest updates rolled out by Windows and install the latest updates. To do this, follow the steps below:

1. Press Win + S and type windows update in the search bar.

2. Click on the “check for updates” button that appears. Windows will check for updates and install them. At the end of the process you may be prompted to restart your computer.


3. After the restart, you should check to see if your computer is fixed.

This is very basic and could be your first stop in remedying this problem. The steps are:

1. Open task manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + ESC.

2. Navigate to the “Processes” tab, select the “Windows Explorer” app and click Restart.


This is a final resort to resolve the taskbar missing icons issue. This could be a very inconvenient alternative, but it often proves quite effective in remedying this issue. To create a new user, follow this guide.

Many problems you encounter on Windows 10 require a “do it yourself first” approach. It is also important to keep in mind that installing updates is one of the most effective ways of maintaining good computer life and avoiding erratic computer problems. If, after trying all the methods above your Taskbar issues still persist, then you should consider consulting a technician.

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