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The Best Password Managers that Work in ChromeOS | Tips & Tricks | Latest Technology News

You might already be using a manager for your computer, but if you are getting a Chromebook, or delving into Chrome OS, the manager you are using might no longer . The Chromebook is a different OS from Windows, Linux and Mac, and it requires additional support from the service provider to have a password manager working in Chrome OS.

LastPass seemed to be virtually the only password manager that worked for Chrome OS a few years back, but now many password render support through browser extensions.

The following list are some of the best password managers that work in Chrome OS.


LastPass, I guess, should have been an obvious inclusion. As a pioneer in supporting the Chrome OS, it has only become more and more adaptable. The greatest selling point would be that everything is stored in the cloud and can be accessed on virtually any browser on any device. Even the free version comes with a lot of great functionality and features. These include:

  • Secure password vault
  • Access on all devices
  • One-to-one sharing
  • Save and fill passwords
  • Password generator
  • Secure notes
  • Security challenge
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • LastPass Authenticator

With all these features and an assurance that it seamlessly integrates with Chrome OS, it is a good choice.


Enpass prides itself as “the first ever offline password manager for Chromebooks.” This is a great feature. They offer a lot, and coupled with the fact that this extension is optimized for the Chrome OS, it is fitting for this list of password managers for the Chrome OS.

Some of the included features are:

  • Syncing data over a wide range of cloud accounts.
  • An ability to save almost everything. This basically means other than saving your passwords, you can save credit cards, bank accounts, ID cards and much more. It does this by allowing you to attach files in the form of images.
  • It works across a wide range of platforms just like LastPass.

To get Enpass to work, your Chromebook has to support the Android app. With the Enpass Android app and the extension installed, you will be able to access all your passwords in your browser.

The best thing about Enpass is that it is completely free to use (for desktop), though you will have to pay for its Android app.


Dashlane is among the recent password managers to give support to Chrome OS, having only integrated support for Chrome OS in the fall of 2017. Like the above-mentioned password managers, it also provides cross-platform features but is not as versatile as LastPass.

The selling point for Dashlane is that it has an interface that is beautiful and easy to interact with.

Dashlane offers:

  • Time-based one-time password
  • Automatic password changing
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Data accessible on the web (premium plans only)

Also, it has a premium version that is not too pricey. It is a good go-to for password management on Chrome OS.


This is the last on the list but not necessarily the least. With support for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Chrome OS, Linux, and Apple Watch and extension availability on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Opera, 1Password is a strong alternative.

If you choose to make this your number-one choice for password management, then you should know it currently does not have as much functionality for Chrome OS as it has for Windows OS. It, however, offers the easiest functionality and has an interface that is not hard to master and navigate.

Password managers are essential to maintaining your security with services and applications that you use online. The password managers mentioned in this list are reliable enough for your password management on Chrome OS. This may not have been an exhaustive list as more and more service providers are adding support for Chrome OS.


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