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Compare 5 Best Virtual Phone Number Providers for Your Businesses in 2018 | Tips & Tricks | Latest Technology News

Does your business operated in multiple countries? are you looking for local business numbers that helps your prospect customers to connect easily? can ease your job. Yes, in this article we have compared 5 best virtual number service aka Direct Inward Dialing (DID) who use virtual systems to provide you virtual numbers from respective country. Before we start our comparison, let us learn about virtual number.

What is Virtual Phone Number? How does it work?

Virtual phone number is nothing but the technology uses virtual phone system instead of traditional PBX technology where you can use internet to make and receive call through your laptop, phone or other compatible devices. These numbers are programmed in such a way that they forward incoming calls to one of the pre-set phone numbers. A virtual phone number can be set up to forward incoming calls to various phone numbers. These numbers are sometimes used to enable long distance service without getting charged heavily. Speaking of benefits, there are many benefits of using a virtual phone number over a traditionally based carrier. They are cost effective as they can be used from any place and the numbers are hosted in the cloud. They also give a unique, professional appearance. Virtual phone number allow us to make or receive a call simply from a Smartphone app. These are also hassle-free and fast to set up.

For , a virtual phone number is more preferable than your local phone number because when doing a business, you’re exposed to numerous threats and you don’t want to involve your daily life with your business life, do you? You’re also severely jeopardized in a way such that your communication capabilities are very limited. You also can’t seem to control the number of robo-calls or spam-calls. However, all these can be avoided by using a virtual phone number which not only guarantees your safety but also expands your arsenal in dealing with other people.

How virtual phone number can be helpful?

  • Very much cost effective as compared to local carrier’s as it charges less on local, international, and mobile calls.
  • Very flexible and can be used from anywhere. Calls can be routed to anywhere, whether it is a phone or an app. It is not solely dependent on either a mobile phone or internet signal.
  • It is incredibly fast to set up. Virtual phone number uses cloud system which is hassle free and it can be setup within minutes.
  • Flexibility to choose your own number whether it is locally or overseas.
  • With a Virtual phone number, you can choose to divert your calls to your desktop, mobile phone, tablet device etc.
  • No more time zone problems. Virtual phone number negates problems with these zone problems thus serving as foolproof alternatives to local carrier numbers.
  • With a virtual phone number, you can avoid busy signals. One can be able to arrange to seek on the opposite lines and devices in case if anybody do not pick up early.
  • The virtual phone number also ensures one’s number privacy.
  • When running a business, one wants to look as professional as possible. And this is possible by owning a virtual phone number. Virtual numbers can be used to boost an organizations image and to ensure its consistency.
  • A virtual phone number also aids in having two phone numbers within a single device and it helps to cut cost a lot especially if one is running a small-time business venture.

Best Virtual Phone Number Providers in U.S.A.

As there are 1000s of virtual phone number providers in USA, it is always challenging for us to choose few out of them. In this article, we have tried our best to provide you list of best in the industry. I am sure they will help you to fulfill your requirement at best possible ways. Here is the list:

#1 Google Voice

Google Voice Virtual Phone Number VoIP Phone

Google voice is a known name in this field which provides call forwarding, dialing and voice-mail services. It was established by Google on March 11, 2009. It provides U.S based telephone number from which the user can choose an arsenal of numbers in their selected locality absolutely free. Almost all calls made from U.S and Canada to each other is free. You can use Google voice from your desktop, iOS and Android app to make a call or text from the free number provided by them. If you are looking to make a call to other countries, you can always have an option to buy a credit.

#2 Grasshopper

Grasshopper Virtual Phone Number VoIP Phone

Grasshopper is another virtual phone number service provider offers great pricing options and various facilities to their users. To start-up, you’ve to pick a number of your choice for your business, record your custom greeting, add various departments and employees and Ta-dah…. You’ve done making your very own virtual phone number. Now you can get calls, voicemails, and faxes from anywhere using Grasshopper.

Grasshopper offers various pricing models starts from $29 per month includes 1 phone number with 3 extensions. It is now easy for you to get virtual number with local county code and be the part of local community with Grasshopper.

#3 Virtual Phone Number VoIP Phone

It’s one of the best virtual phone number providers in the United state of America. It is supported by the Android device, IOS, and softphones on the P.C and Mac. Thus it is very flexible and you can access your calls from many places in the country. It also runs on minimum hardware storage and can be run anywhere. It’s also cheap with a monthly price tag of $9.99. No additional fees charged.

#4 Knowlarity

Knowlarity Virtual Phone Number VoIP Phone

It is an A.I enabled telephony solution based in the U.S.A. Along with the same facilities; it is more modern and is heavily focused on artificial intelligence to reduce human intervention. Today is one of the most trusted virtual phone number providers based in the U.S. Not only in the U.S but they’re also expanding their arsenal in different countries. They’ve over 15,000 businesses across 65 countries.

#5 Hottelecom

HotTelecom Virtual Phone Number VoIP Phone

It is one of the cheapest virtual phone number providers in the U.S.A with a price tag of only $5 per month. It guarantees free SMS with a verification code online. You can also make and receive calls simultaneously. If you’re unsure about this service provider, always provides a free demo for its newly registered users.

Summarizing the takeaway for Virtual Phone Number

It can be concluded by saying that virtual phone number is of utmost necessity to any business firm or any organization operating in multiple countries. They are cheap, reliable, and hassle-free to set-up and can help to acquire trust from local community. They can be used anywhere on the ‘GO’. There are many virtual phone numbers providers available, thus one should have this phone number or regular use as it provides a number of facilities to the business as well as the customers.

If you are already using virtual phone system which is not listed in this article, do write us. We would love to review them and will definitely include in our list if they meet our editorial policy.

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