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How to Present Your Designs Professionally | How To | Latest Technology News

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Take just a minute and learn how to use product mock-ups to your with professionalism and sophistication.

Product Mock-Ups

What’s the best way to display your design work? You could just send a plain exported jpg, but consider how much more effective your work looks with a product mock-up. Whether it’s a poster design, business card or event flyer, using a product mock-up is a much more sophisticated and professional method of presenting your designs.

In this quick video we take a look at using the Poster Mock-Up by author aleksgusakov. This product is available for $10 on Envato Market. 

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In the video, you saw how using a product mock-up can be a great way of presenting your designs. Now, here are some professional-looking product mock-ups you can use for future projects.

Business Card Mock-Up

This Business Card Mock-Up by artnook is available for $6 and provides 3 different backgrounds behind a stack of cards. 

Business Card Mock-up
Business Card Mock-Up

Realistic Tablet Mock-Up

This Realistic Tablet Mock-Up by GrafAS provides 12 different high-quality presentations that include models holding and using the tablets. This product is available for $11.

Realistic Tablet Mock-up
Realistic Tablet Mock-Up

Realistic Smart Box Product Mock-Up Vol.2

This Realistic Smart Box Product Mock-Up Vol.2  by Delimiter provides 4 different scenes which include multiple boxes and discs. This product is available for $6.

Realistic Smart Box Product Mock-Up Vol2
Realistic Smart Box Product Mock-Up Vol.2

Women T-Shirt Mock-Ups 

This set of Women T-Shirt Mock-Ups by indieground provides 8 different model shots to present your t-shirt designs and is available for $8.

Women T-Shirt Mockup
Women T-Shirt Mock-Up

Newspaper Mock-Up 

This Newspaper Mock-Up  by GrafAS provides 9 different newspaper cover presentations with 6 different backgrounds. This mock-up is available for $10.

Newspaper Mock-Up
Newspaper Mock-Up

A Bit More Detail

Want to know more about using product mock-ups? Consider these links to learn more:

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