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4 of the Best Cross-Platform Calendar Apps | Tips & Tricks | Latest Technology News

We buy smartphones and tablets for many reasons. One reason is the on the devices that help us get our lives organized. The are great. There are a lot of fabulous ones out there, but what if you need access on more than one device? Maybe you want to add an event, and you don’t have access to your phone’s app, only a computer, meaning you’ll be out of luck. Here are some calendars that are available no matter what device you may be using.

Obviously, Google Calendar is one of the most widely used calendar apps in the world. It works across all platforms seamlessly, and most people are at least aware of it, if not using it. So, let’s look at some other, perhaps less well-known apps that are all compatible with Android, iOS, and available online.

If you are not interested in pulling in information from other calendars and just want to start fresh with a calendar that allows you to share dates with other groups of people, this app may meet your needs. Time Tree is a simple calendar app that gives you the ability to create multiple calendars for different areas of your life such as work, friends, family, and groups or organizations you may belong to.


Time Tree also has a keep section which is a cross between a to-do list and a journal. The Keep section gives you a place to enter events or other data that don’t have a date associated with it yet.


The web app for this calendar has not quite caught up to the functionality of the mobile apps. For example, the mobile has options to show a weekly view or a summary view of all your events. This feature is currently being worked on for the desktop version.

Despite the lack of features in the desktop version, this is a clean, easy-to-use app. So if you only check the desktop view occasionally, it may work for you. If you use the desktop often, this might not be the best.

Cal by Any.do is for those of you who like to use apps with some visual interest. This app has photo themes that you can apply to different days and events, giving each event and task a beautiful background.


This app can import other calendars, and – at least for Google Calendars – it does so automatically once you sign in with Google. It also imports from Microsoft Exchange. You can select the calendars to make visible and import birthdays from Facebook should you decide to connect it.


If you use it for work, you may like the Heads Up feature that is available when you schedule meetings with others. Heads Up allows you to automate tasks such as sending audio and video from a meeting to everyone who was involved. It can also take notes during meetings and creates reminders based on the discussion.

Cal by Any.do for the Web does not have all of the functionality of the mobile apps, so you can still see events but may not be able to use features you’re used to on mobile.

This app is one of the best if you want to work on the Web and your phone or tablet without having to worry about being unable to do what you need. You can manage from the Internet just as efficiently as you can from your mobile. Jorte syncs with many other calendars, note-taking apps, and task managers. It also integrates easily with Evernote, Microsoft Office, and Google Task.



Some unique options Jorte boasts are countdowns to keep a tab on how long until that particular event, a diary with the opportunity to add photos, lots of backgrounds and a store to get more, and the ability to add event calendars like sports schedules.

The Cozi team designed this calendar in 2005 with families in mind. Its primary purpose is to keep all family members on the same page when it comes to appointments and other extracurricular events. Each family member can have their own calendar, and it sends personalized reminders to specific family members when needed. It offers the ability to make grocery lists, to-do lists, and to create a family journal.



You can sync your Google calendar to Cozi, but you will not be able to change any events on the Google calendar, only view them. You can also use the Amazon Alexa service to add events or other items.

There are so many features of these calendars that we just can’t explore them all in one article. Check them out, using this information as a guideline, and let us know in the comments which one you like best!

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