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10 Cool Comic and Cartoon Effects for Photoshop | How To | Latest Technology News

With so many film
adaptations of book characters hitting the big screen, book styles
and cartoons have never been more fashionable. Turn your photographs into
comic book creations and more, with these Adobe resources from Envato
Elements where you can get unlimited resources for a monthly subscription.

Halftone is the method of simulating continuous tone through
dots. You can mimic this look with Halftone Photoshop Actions which includes four
variations and a further ten duotone options.

Halftone Photoshop Actions
Halftone Photoshop Actions
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With an extensive selection of layer styles, patterns and
overlays, the Vintage Comic Creator is perfect for making authentic-looking
comic book designs. Just add text and images into the overlay PSD and then
apply styles in one click!

Vintage Comic Creator
Vintage Comic Creator

Create a cool, vibrant melted look with
this trippy Photoshop action. There’s a link to a detailed video
tutorial in the download
in case you get stuck. For a more pop-inspired alternative, also try  Splash FX Graphic Action.

Cartoon Melted Drips Action
Melted Drips Action

12 professional Painting & Comics Photoshop Actions await
you with this download, perfect for both photographers and graphic designers.

Painting Comics Photoshop Actions
Painting & Comics Photoshop Actions

Cartoon styles inspired by popular games like Grand Theft
Auto are fun and highly desirable. You can achieve that effect quickly and
easily with the Mafia Painting download, which includes patterns, actions and

Mafia Painting Art CS6 CC Photoshop Action
Mafia Painting Art CS6 & CC+ Photoshop Action
Game Logo Text Styles
Game Logo Text Styles

With 8, fully layered
PSD files, it couldn’t be easier to create your own text in the style of a Game
. Background textures are included and the effect looks great on projects
like posters, games or movies.

Comic Oil Paint Photoshop Actions are a collection of ten different comic filters to transform your photographs into something fun and
funky. The actions work non-destructively, so they won’t affect your original
image layer.

Comic Oil Paint Photoshop Actions
Comic Oil Paint Photoshop Actions

These three text have shades of retro TV and games,
reminiscent of Miami Vice, Stranger things, and Tron! Prepare to be transported
back to the 80s with this cool Photoshop effect. Making a poster? Try the 80s Retro Poster Photoshop Action too.

Rocking Retro PS Text Effects
Rocking Retro PS Text Effects

Custom shapes are a quick and easy way to add elements to
your designs, and Comic Book Custom Shapes can be scaled and coloured without
any loss of quality.

Comic Book Custom Shapes
Comic Book Custom Shapes

Pixel art is so much fun, but it can take a long time to
create from scratch. 21 Pixel Art Actions turns your photographs into retro
pixel art in just a few clicks. There are 21 colour palettes to choose from and
11 pixel sizes.

21 Pixel Art Photoshop Actions
21 Pixel Art Photoshop Actions

Tuts+ Tips

  • Choose pictures that show emotion or drama – a pretty
    landscape probably won’t convert to a cartoon very effectively.
  • Tell a story. Even if it’s just for fun, try to
    convey a message with your image.
  • Have fun with it, try mixing and matching some
    of these resources to create something really different.

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